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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Nuerofeedback help?

Neurofeedback helps regulate symptoms like:
PTSD + Trauma
Memory Loss
Substance Abuse Disorders
Learning Disorders
Chronic Pain

Though these symptoms are well-known, Neurofeedback can also improve things like:
Avoidance behaviors
Socially Inappropriate
Anger Management
Tension Headaches
Dislike of change
Panic Attacks
Focus and attention issues and more!

Who can use neurofeedback?

Anyone with a brain can use Neurofeedback! There are some limitations as acceptance into our program, so if you have questions about whether or not you or a loved one qualifies, please call us today!

What are the side effects?

Because Neurofeedback provides real-time results from your brainwaves, there are no side effects! With over 70 years of proven results Рthere has been no reported side effects. Neurofeedback therapy is completely noninvasive and is considered safe by the Food and Drug Administration. There are virtually no reported negative side effects from Neurofeedback therapy since it was first popularized in the 1960s. 

What is the cost?

The cost for Neurofeedback is different for each person, as it is personalized care to you, your symptoms and how you want to feel.

Neurofeedback is not covered by insurance.

For questions about pricing, please contact us today!

What would it look like to do NFT?

Step 1: General Analysis to determine Neurofeedback is right for you.

This entails a QEEG Brain Map which will tell us where you may be feeling the most impact, and where we can start working in the brain.

Step 2: Solidify Care

This is a general conversation with your practitioner about the length of care needed for maximum brain health.

Step 3: Complete Therapy Sessions

To complete a session of NFT (Neurofeedback Therapy) you will visit your nearest BrainCore of Northern MN roughly twice a week. To complete a session, we start by picking your favorite show on Netflix, Hulu, Disney, etc. Next, we set you up with clips on both ears, and node(s) that will sit on the part of the brain we are working on. These nodes are held in place with a paste.


Step 4: Feel great!

After completing your package (20-60 sessions), you will truly FEEL the results! The best news of all? Once your package is up, you don’t have to visit us again for additional sessions unless you feel the need to come back in to regulate.

What are the results?

Results of Neurofeedback Therapy differ from person to person, but generally speaking, those who are in full time care with us will see a more regulated brain which would look like:

Increased focus
More restful sleep
Enhanced memory
Increased mental clarity
Less frequent headaches and migraines
Reduced impuslitivity
Ease of anxiety and mood swings
Increased peak performance

How long do results last?

Results in Neurofeedback are life-long. However, exposure to additional stress, trauma, poor environments, etc., can lead to needing a few more sessions to help you self regulate once again.

What happens if I quit?

If you choose to quit your NFT sessions, you may find your brain stuck in reorganization mode. Some may experience worse symptoms in reorganization mode, therefore we encourage carrying your care to the very end.

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